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We have here : Ann's blogs, latest news, new paintings and current or future exhibitions events .

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Fibre artists world-wide list

I am honoured to be in the TAFA register of professional artists in the textile-fibre sector.


I am included in the International book and website of Artists across continents. The book will be released and presented in all the exhibitions that artcomexpo organises from September starting at the Brazilian Embassy in Norway at the Brazilian cultural week 5th to 9th September 2016.

Art des Annonces

L'association pour vos petites annonces d'art

This is a great association based in France,specialising in the annoncement of artists'exhibitions and sales of original art.

Paola Trevisan- Curator & Agent

Trevisan International Art is a selection of fine artists world -wide which, since 2003, have been specially invited to exhibit their work at Estense Castle in Ferrara and other venues in Italy.
Trevisan Art International


Guid'Arts est une autre portail avec Drouot Cotation, Les Artistes Cotés et pour le Dictionnaire de Cotation

Vous pouvez acheter une séléction des mes oeuvres ici, et payer avec Paypal sur un site sécurizé.

You can buy a selection of my art with paypal on this site (secured payment online).
Guid'Arts is another portal with Drouot Cotation, Les Artistes Cotés and for the Dictionary of Quoted Artists

Houzz Le site de déco

Houzz La nouvelle façon de penser votre maison
Rénovation et Décoration de la Maison


Drouot Cotation Des Artistes

Cotation des Artistes
Je suis dans La dictionnaire d'artistes peintres éditions LAROUSSE depuis 2005.
C'est la site où vous pouvez acheter mes oeuvres.

Ann usually works by themes,especially voyages which stimulate new ideas and by direct drawing from nature which captures her imagine. Ann is an artist featured in the dictionary of artists Larousse editions since 2005

Mondial Art Academia

Ann est "Chevalier Académicienne" de l'association
Mondial Art Academia.

Maison des Artistes :Annuaire

Annuaire des Artistes Contemporain.Site de Maison des Artistes


Association pour les rayonnement des Arts

Saatchi Gallery Online Portfolio

Keith Morant

Keith Morant has worked in New Zealand, England and USA for 35 years. He expresses his desire to impart stimulating nourishment through visual perception towards greater quality of mind and life.

Keith has developed a unique style and technique, so much so that I believe that he has broken new ground in establishing a personal interpretation and refreshing perception of the world.
I had the pleasure of meeting Keith Morant at the Biennial of Florence 2007.


Another space where Ann's work is featured.


This is a multilingual website dedicated to the diffusion of international art in all its varieties, from artists, events and art reviews.
International Art Portal