Find yourself transported into a world of exuberant textures, shimmering colours,flickering movement and light with intricate detail : A hymn to nature! That is Ann Dunbar's painting and embroidery combined in harmony.


What you see here is a product of an amazing synthesis. On an ethereal atmospheric background, the foreground or subject is embroidered with a shimmering vibrancy and delicate depthness. The realism is striking without being too static or fixed. Ann's unique technique is the fruit of patient experimentation and research. The effect is almost "Japonisme" in perfection and yet the overall view is closer to impressionism. The result is a marvel of beauty and presence. The artist's love of nature is evident. Let us be transported by the generosity of this work and by the refreshing joy of contemplation.                                                            

Quote by  Gallerist and art critic, Bruno Siméon. 2013

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Ann is represented by Shoalhaven Gallery, 122 Island Point Rd St, Georges Basin. NSW 2540. t:+61 244435114.   

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